And finally, I left Godaddy...

After becoming my partner for more 8 years, in the end I had to part with Godaddy. Starting from a small incident, which is when I try to use the 2 step authentication feature that requires me to install the Google Authenticator application.

There was no problem when I installed the additional 2 step authentication security. The problem arose when I forgot to do a soft reset on my cellphone and caused my godaddy account to be locked.
To solve the problem I contacted Godaddy by telephone. Yes, Godaddy has a customer service telephone number with a local number (Indonesia) but he cannot speak Indonesian.

The godaddy staff advised me to send the 2 step feature's aithentication cancellation request form via email. Finally, I fill out the form and attach my identity card. After waiting a few days, I finally got a reply where in the reply, Godaddy asked me to complete the file with a statement from the official translator service recognized by the notary.

This certainly surprised me. Why this become complicated? Does Godaddy not see where I sent the email from? The photo of the identity card I sent?

I live in a small town, and there is no official translator notarized in this city . So my answer is clear, I refused and was forced to give up my account at Godaddy, giving up my domain which is 8 years old.
For those of you who want to buy a domain or hosting at Godaddy you should think twice, with consideration:
• I did not find a live chat service (I don't know if in other countries has this feature)
• Local support numbers that are not matched by support service staff who are able to speak locally
• Slow support email service, I have to wait 2 or 3 days to get a reply.

What I write here is my personal experience and factual events. If you browse on the Internet maybe you will find a number of other articles that show some customers' disappointment with Godaddy.