Here 5 points why sleep deprivation makes you fat

Guys, do you know if sleep deprivation causes obesity?
Yea, some researcher found that  people who sleep at night shorter, fatter than those who have enough and  quality sleep.
But why the length of sleep and weight gain is linked and have correlations?  the explanation is more or less like this:
1. If you stay awake in the middle of night you burns less calories.
Its a fact, that people who have less sleep  his/her body burns 5% fewer calories than those who have enough and quality sleep. It also impact in energy released 20% less after meals
2. People who stay awake and lack of sleep will eat more, than who have enough sleep
 A study in 2011 revealed that women who only sleep 4 hours a day  consume calories 329 more bigger than those who sleep 8-9 hours. They also   tends to eat carbohydrate-containing snacks in the middle of night.

3. You will consume more and more food
 Why? This because a hormon called ghrelin, a hormone that tells the brain to eat. The function of this hormone is to increase appetite, increase fat production and make the body grow. Contrary, There was a hormon called leptin, this hormone in charge to tell the brain that we are full, When we have sleep deprivation, this hormon production is reduced. Leptin levels are usually high at night so we can sleep and increase during the day when the body does require energy. The low leptin hormone keeps us hungry despite eating.
4. Sleep Deprivation will produce more body fat.
People who get enough sleep usually rarely feel hungry. The explanation, while sleeping hormone ghrelin remains the same. But when we only sleep 5 hours, ghrelin levels rose to 9 points. Because this hormone triggers the retention of fat, then people who sleep less store more fat.
5. More meal time.
 Indeed this has not been scientifically proven, but experts believe bringing a little sleep means more time to eat.